Why would I want to join Family Day Care?

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Why would I want to join Family Day Care?

Family Day Care is an endorsed child care option that places a genuine emphasis on the holistic development of each child, all within the comforting setting of an educator’s own home. This form of child care ensures exceptional early learning experiences while fostering a sense of closeness and connection between the children and their dedicated, knowledgeable early childhood educator. 

If education and childcare is your area of expertise, then combining your passion with a great entrepreneurial opportunity may be something worth considering. If you’re on the fence, here are some of the benefits that being a Family Day Care provider can offer you.


As a Family Day Care educator, you enjoy the freedom to choose your working hours, maintaining a work-life balance that suits your needs. Whether part-time or full-time, Family Day Care lets you customise your schedule to accommodate personal commitments and priorities.

Financial Freedom:

Joining Family Day Care allows you to start your own business with the support of Community Vision. As an educator, you can earn a competitive income while doing meaningful work. 

Work-Life Balance:

Working from home eliminates commuting stress, giving you more quality time with your family. Family Day Care allows for a healthy work-life balance, dedicating yourself to professional responsibilities and personal interests. Balancing work and family has never been easier.

Inclusion of Your Own Children:

As a Family Day Care educator, you can include your own children in your care. While specific regulations apply to the number of children you can care for, this inclusive approach nurtures both your children and those under your care. It’s an excellent opportunity for your children to develop social skills and form lasting bonds.

Rewarding Work:

Being a Family Day Care educator means playing a pivotal role in shaping young children’s lives. Nurturing and guiding their exploration, learning, and growth is highly rewarding and fulfilling. Witnessing their development firsthand is an incredible experience.

High Demand:

Family Day Care services are in high demand across Australia. As the needs of working families evolve, the demand for reliable and quality childcare options increases. Joining as an educator allows you to meet this growing demand and make a significant impact on children and their families.

At Community Vision, we have a well-established network of Family Day Care providers that we are proud to support and assist on their journey to growing their small businesses. If you’d like to join our community of Family Day Care educators in Western Australia, we’d love to hear from you.

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