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Are you curious about Family Day Care opportunities in the suburbs of Perth? Perhaps you are currently working in the Long Day Care system and are yearning for more. Or, perhaps you have an appetite for child care but have never known how to take the plunge. Our Family Day Care Service is beneficial in every way – offering comfort for parents, intimate development of children and ample opportunity for Educators to excel. Here’s why.


For our educators

  • You own your flexibility and your working hours. You have the power to determine what your working week looks like to suit your lifestyle.
  • If you care for your own children, Family Day Care is a perfect solution. You can enjoy the opportunity for your child to receive an education in the safety of their own home – and it’s more cost-effective for you as a caregiver!
  • The FDC community is a supported and connected group. You can count on your peers to provide guidance, support and the sense that you’re never alone in your Educator journey.
  • You don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Paperwork can become overwhelming and difficult to find time for as an educator. Community Vision supports our educators through administrative headaches and provides programming journals to give our Family Day Care educators a solid starting point for regulatory requirements.
  • Perhaps most importantly – as a Family Day Care Educator you have the power to create something of your own. The opportunity to hone your craft as an Educator whilst building a small business is a rare one, but is an outcome we have been so proud to witness amongst all of our Educators in the past and present.


These are just some of the opportunities that come with a career in Family Day Care with Community Vision. Primarily, we are proud to know that our FDC programs prioritise the education of young minds. The ability to focus on a maximum of 7 children in a safe, welcoming, homely environment reaps unparalleled benefits – to educators, parents and children.

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