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FDCA Online Engagement Series

One of our FDC coordinators, Samantha Folan recently appeared on the FDCA’s Online Engagement Series Podcast to chat about neurodiversity and inclusion.

In episode #6 of the FDCA Online Engagement Series, FDCA Advocacy and Engagement Manager, Michael Farrell is joined by 2022 National Educator of the Year, Hannah Smith, Family Day Care Coordinator and 2015 Educator of the Year National Finalist, Samantha Folan and Owner and Director of Autism Inclusion, Gee van der Watt, to explore the topics of neurodiversity and inclusion from a family day care and early learning context.

The panel provides advice on support services and resources that are accessible to family day care educators and services, as well as strategies for supporting neurodivergent children and their families.

You can watch the podcast here: https://www.familydaycare.com.au/oes/online-engagement-series-episode-6

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