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About our FDC:

I’ve been doing family day care for about 22 years.
Schools I do pick up and drop off
In my service I offer what every child deserves to have, love, security, a shelter, hygiene, food cooked freshly from the premises, happiness and much more:
Fun activities/ one on one spending time / story times / play time/ and much more…
I would also like to add why I love my job as an Educator: because it’s challenging work! We have to be problem solvers and find success even in impossible situations.
It’s a beautiful thing that has a legacy of changed lives and building dreams.
I am surrounded by amazing children that everyday with their trust and hope in me, they teach me and encouraged me to take risk and try new things and teach them to be lifelong learners.
Also parents entrust me their most valuable asset, their precious children.

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